how to get rid of sunspots

Sunspots, also known as freckles or hyperpigmentation, are a common skin concern for many people. Sunspots can appear anywhere on the body including legs and arms. The most common sunspots which Dr. Austin addresses with his patients, are the sunspots or hyperpigmentation that appears on the face. Sunspots can be seen across all ranges of color and nationalities.  However, if you’re fair or pale, you can be more susceptible to hyperpigmentation and damage from the suns rays. Typically, countries that have very high UV readings, like Australia have higher ratings of common skin concerns due to the elements. But it’s not just the hotter nation populations that are at risk for sunspots, it’s people in any country who are simply outside with no facial or body covering and no preventative measures (like SPF sunscreen). So what’s the solution to sunspots when, even with effort, care and protective measures, they still appear? Is there anything at all that can be done? The answer is yes. One option is to simply cover with a lite foundation and continue to take preventative measures. The other more long-term and beneficial options, are proven reduction through laser or acids, such as glycolic acid. While the cost of laser or other highly effective medical grade acids can be more expensive, this option will infect target the core issue and remove the spots. The big question that most sunspot suffers have is: does a reduction or removal tool even exist? Is it even possible to get rid of unsightly sunspots? Yes, it is actually possible to both reduce and remove freckles. Here are two proven and effective methods for you to look out for and apply, that will give you noticeable, rewarding and real results for facial sunspot reduction:

  1. Glycolic Acid: this is the absolute gold standard ingredient for sun-spot (freckle) reduction. This safe and highly effective, naturally occurring acid, works to gently and safely remove old skin, effectively acting as a gentle, active, exfoliation tool. It dulls the appearance of sunspots over weeks, and when it is used properly and continuously, it can even effectively (with long-term use), remove the freckles completely! This wonder acid is not used only for sunspot treatment; it is also highly effective for acne and other scarring and hyperpigmentation skin issues.
  1. Vitamin C: are you aware that your little slice of lemon in water or on your salad contains sunspot reduction ingredients? It’s truly amazing to think that nature supplies us with exactly what we need without any requirement for modification! Mother Nature: the original beauty queen, gives us this potent tool to apply on skin for freckle reduction. While it’s not as powerful as Glycolic Acid, it still has the capacity for sunspot reduction. There are various recommended techniques, but the most popular method is for users to simply dab lemon juice with a cotton ball onto the affected (darkened) area of the skin, and repeat weekly. The frequency will depend on the sensitivity of your skin, so be sure to do a patch test before starting your Vitamin C regime! Vitamin C can also be found in many skin serums at a higher concentrated level.
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